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Acupuncture could be the ‘remote’ for sleep and stress

Feeling stressed? Not sleeping through the night? Wish you had a remote to shut off your mind like you turn off your TV? needle or two may be your answer.

Our daily lives are filled with environmental stresses and physical demands. Examples include family life, household responsibilities, financial burdens, work schedules and social events. Time literally feels like it escapes our grasp.

“I am so busy” is the understatement of the year for many of us. This is where the imbalance begins to take its toll on our sleep. Our quiet time, as we lay our head down on that soft pillow, is now filled with to-do lists and memories of the day we just finished.

Worry sets in as we recall the day and realize the “list” did not get done and our “to do” just got longer for tomorrow. The mind races as we glance over at the clock that once read 9 p.m. and now says 11:30. At least, that is the last time you dared to give the clock a look.

The night feels half-way over and you finally get to sleep, only to wake in that ever-dreadful 1 to 3 a.m. range night after night. You are positive the road-rage bandit is sure to make an appearance during that morning traffic.

Any of this ringing true for you?

There is an answer. Acupuncture provides the balance needed to put everything back in order to calm the mind and settle the irritability associated with stress and lack of sleep. Stress affects everyone differently, but the imbalance it triggers leads to a series of symptoms that will give rise over time if not addressed.

So though you may not have all of the above, you may have associated with a few and even have a few different events occurring such as anxiety, headaches or digestive upset.

With acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, a state of balance can be obtained naturally. Treat the body as a whole versus individual symptoms, and this will allow the imbalances to realign and homeostasis to settle in. Balance can occur when TCM can focus on treating the excess, or deficiency, in the body with acupuncture.

What are the results you ask? The mind will rest, the irritability subsides, anxiety becomes a thing of the past, mental focus increases, headaches cease, digestion is balanced and your old friend sleep is once again a guest in your home.

Acupuncture is a wonderful alternative to adding yet another medicine to your cabinet. With the proper TCM diagnosis and the right protocol of acupuncture points, you could be well on your way to a great night of sleep and a calm, restful mind.

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